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Client:          DCM Services

Project:        Cavill Power - Component Rebuild Centre

Description:  Installation of 800 amp Mechanical Services Switchboard; power supplies to all plant                             (pumps, fans, etc); cable ladders; supply and install VSDs



Client:          O´Connors 

Project:        Sungard Data Centre

Description:  Installation of 2500 amp thermal plant Mechanical Services, Switchboard; power supplies to                    all plant (CRAC units, pumps, fans, etc); install of VSDs; BMS wiring



Client:          National Air

Project:        University of South Australia

Description:  Installation of 2500 amp Non-Essential / 630 amp Essential, Mechanical Services                                 Switchboard; power supplies to plant (AHUs, pumps, etc); supply and install VSDs.



Client:          Butterfields

Project:        CSIRO - Waite Campus

Description:  Installation of 1000 amp Mechanical Services Switchboard; submains to MSSB; wiring of                         new thermal plant; supply and install VSDs; BMS wiring



Client:          Hilton Hotels

Project:        Adelaide Hilton

Description:  Supply and install new high efficiency motor CT-2; supply and install VSD; BMS wiring



Client:          Westside Group

Project:        41 Currie Street Adelaide

Description:  Installation of 1600 amp Mechanical Services Switchboard; power supplies to new thermal                     plant; replace AHU motors; supply and install VSDs; BMS wiring; floor fitouts with IVAV                           boxes

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