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About Elec Mech

EMS Mike Jeffery & Mark Vella

Elec Mech Services directors, Mike Jeffery and Mark Vella

Elec Mech Services was borne out of long deliberation by its current directors, Mike Jeffery and Mark Vella, for provision of specialist electrical and mechanical services to the air conditioning and mechanical services sector.


It was thought that the industry could well benefit from a dedicated, highly skilled, experienced and importantly, dependable company, which could undertake the design, planning, installation and servicing of industrial air-conditioning systems.


Thus, in 2006, Mike Jeffery and Mark Vella assumed ownership of the then eleven year-old Elec Mech Services with one principal vision – to provide these services expertly and with minimal impact and inconvenience to the overall project and its management.


This vision has proven to be the making of Elec Mech Services with many of its clients returning consistently, knowing they will receive the company’s signature highly professional, ‘no-fuss’ service.


Elec Mech Services now comprises a dedicated team of electricians, supervisors and managers to service its client base.


You are urged to call Mike or Mark to discover how you can depend on Elec Mech Services to become your HVAC installation and service partners.

Elec Mech Services - part sponsors of SA Variety Bash entrants

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