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Elec Mech Services has an Incident & Injury Free Vision
Elec Mech Services is committed to operating Incident & Injury Free wherever the company has a presence. To achieve our Incident & Injury Free vision, it is crucial that we provide our people with the right tools to deliver safe outcomes via our safety management system.
Our approach to managing safety is driven by:
●  Committed and active leadership – As part of the safety leadership team, our leaders hold themselves and others to account to our safety objectives, values and behaviours. Our workers are encouraged to have input and assist to improve our risk control strategies.
Transparent safety management systems and standards – Australian Minimum Requirements prescribe physical and operational safety standards for business activities, supported by localised means and methods guidelines on how to comply with those requirements.
●  Effective governance – Our safety compliance reporting system is used to identify major safety risk areas across our entire business activities. Continual improvement to safe work practices is highly prioritised.
●  Education and training – Ongoing training for employees and contractors ensures each worker receives appropriate technical training to work safely. These programmes are designed to communicate, consult and involve our staff in the ongoing improvement of our safety performance.
●  Worker compliance – Safety specific roles and responsibilities are clearly specified in all job descriptions with all workers expected to aim for safe outcomes.
Elec Mech Services is committed to applying the principles of Incident & Injury Free to all our day to day business activities. Accordingly, our safety management system will be continually monitored, audited and reviewed to ensure that it remains effective and aligned with the best practice nature of our business.
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